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New Students are always welcome!
Welcome to Shimmy Dance

Now is the PERFECT time to join our classes! 
New students are welcome, no experience required!

Adult classes are available as well as a fun creative dance experience for young people!

"there is no dance school that does what Shimmy does. My daughter is truly shining from her participation in your shows and classes. Thank you!"
......... A Dance Mom

Belly dance is a beautiful, artistic and challenging form of dance. I have enjoyed studying from a variety of teachers for the past 10 years. I still continue to develop my skills as a dancer and teacher. I love the simplicity of the shapes, the complexity of the layers, the endless possibility of expressive movements. I love watching my students of all ages, gain confidence in themselves as they learn become more flexible and strong excavating their unique talents and expressive style. An interviewer asked me recently of all the age groups you teach which is your favourite? I realized in that moment that I love teaching each age group but for different reasons- the freedom and sheer joy of little ones, my doe-eyed tweens, my inquisitive teens and glamorous adults. They all grow stronger, more confident and more beautiful as they learn to trust their bodies. Belly dance does not demand a specific body type to be beautiful, you can appreciate your curves as they are and stop fretting about what you think you should look like, just love where you're at, because it's the perfect place to be. Just come, get lost in the music and dance!

Physical Expression is a vital part of the human experience.  

 As adults we too often turn away from dance, denoting it as child’s play. Dance can be child’s play but it can also be a valuable tool for adults seeking fitness and self expression.  

My classes are designed to support women developing their expression in a mature manner. There is a freedom that comes from mastering and accepting your own body. Bellydance fosters use of minute muscles that we don’t connect with in our daily lives. By practicing regularly we can increase our personal range of motion, strength and control. Creating this type of connection with our bodies, we automatically become more confident.  

There is so much joy, strength and flexibility within you waiting to be discovered! 
700 D'Arcy Street, Building 19
Second Floor
Cobourg, ON K9A 5T3
Phone: 905-373-2512